Due to the Covid-19 situation across Europe, LOC decided to cancel the RUG meeting planned on 18-19 May 2020 and postpone it to Autumn 2020.

Detailed information on the date of the meeting will be announced at a later date.

RODOS User Group (RUG) Meeting 2020

RODOS User Group (RUG) Meeting, which will be held on 18-19 May 2020 at the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in Otwock-Swierk (which is near Warsaw), Poland. 

This RODOS Users Group (RUG 2020) has the following objectives:

  • To provide a platform through which the members of the RUG can communicate their views, needs and comments and exchange their experience related with all elements of the RODOS system and its use, in particular provide response and guidance on refinements to make the system more user friendly and for any future developments of RODOS.
  • To share experience gained while integrating RODOS in the national emergency management arrangements, and to enable RUG members to enhance their own arrangements.
  • To identify best practices, to share technical know-how and organisational solutions, software developments and data bases and their implementation, and to provide mutual support, particularly on a regional basis.
  • To share practice and solutions related with use of RODOS for training and in exercises.
  • To provide a forum through which the members of the RUG can network with each other, independent of the RUG’s activities.
  • To establish contacts to the User Groups of other decision support systems within Europe (e.g. ARGOS) and overseas.
  • Strive at reaching compatibility of the RODOS system with other decision support systems.
  • To ensure sustainability of the RODOS decision support system through the establishment of maintenance procedures and sustainable arrangements between the users and the developers.
  • Promote the use of RODOS in Europe.